JBO Media was founded in 1998. We Specialize in personalized media for any business or individual.
Our Motto: "there is no job too small or too large."
We at JBO Media pride ourselves on individual attention to our customers. We will assign an artist that
fits your needs and personality.
Whether it is cute cartoons or a massive campaign for
your web site, we at JBO Media can help you reach the world.

Lorri says "I love this stuff!"
Since the development of mass production,
professionals have worked to assist business by providing market analysis and developing campaigns to promote their product by combining creativity and business.
Visual Communication
Our graphic designers create a vast range of visual communications such as multimedia presentations and wonderful websites.
  Interactive Media Design  
Interactive Media Design is an exciting
field of integrated electronic communications. It is becoming an essential part of business, education and entertainment industry. This has created opportunities that combine executive skills with JBO Media's sound, graphic art, text and video/film for the effective dissemination of information through electronic media.
Animation Design
Our animators breathe life into inanimate objects as well as observe, analyze, and interpret the motions of living creatures and natural forces. They bring life and character into their animations. At one time, the animation industry consisted of only television and film production. Animation has now spread into every form of visual communication, especially web design.